November 13, 2018

Pick the perfect Christmas gift for your loved-ones living with dementia

Choosing a present can be hard. But if you’ve always exchanged gifts at Christmas time, why should this year be any different? Linda, our Retail Customer Services Executive, has hand-picked 10 top gifts from our Dementia Care range.

Top 10 dementia care gifts

1. Sing Along Songbook and CD

Sing Along Songbook and CD

If your special someone loves a sing-song, or even just listening to music from their youth, the Sing Along Song Book and CD could be just the thing. Including music and words for over 100 popular old-time tunes, there’s something to suit every taste. Numbers range from folk songs, choruses from variety shows, and songs from World War II. Plus – ideally – some Christmas songs and hymns. Why not take the lead and help them find their voice?


2. Retro Themed Colouring Book

Woman colouring in
Adult colouring is all the rage. As well as helping to combat stress and improve mindfulness, colouring-in is still jolly good fun. Team that with retro images, including Spitfire aircraft and scenes of picnics and seaside holidays, and you’ve got hours of shared festive fun.


3. Activity Blanket

blue activity blanket

If your loved one often finds themselves restless, the Activity Blanket is a great way to keep them stimulated. The warm fleece base will keep them cosy and warm, and the various attached bits and bobs, such as zippers, slide-able beads, and poppers, provide stimulus to keep their hands busy.


4. Coastal Path Jigsaw Puzzle

Woman completing jigsaw puzzle

Our Active Mind jigsaws are designed to evoke happy memories, prompt conversation, and stimulate both mind and muscle. The Coastal Path puzzle is our favourite, depicting the beautiful seaside village of Robin Hood’s Bay, Yorkshire – but there are lots to choose from. You can plump for puzzles with just 13 pieces, or slightly more challenging options with 35. However, whichever one you choose, the sense of achievement is just the same.


5. TimeSlides Reminiscence Cards: Animals

man looking at old photographs

A great way to retrieve fond memories and kick-off a chat, these carefully-selected cue cards include images from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, with handy questions on the back to help stimulate discussion. The Animals option is pictured above, but there’s also an ‘At Home’ choice for homebirds.

6. Pictures to Share books

The beautiful photography and short passages of text make these books engaging for everyone. Choose from several themes including ‘A Sporting Life’, ‘Childhood Days’ and ‘In the Garden’.

The photos, art and poems have been chosen by dementia experts to help boost mood and promote conversation.

7. Creative Scenes

The perfect alternative to more traditional jigsaws. Creative Scenes combine several items that make up a recognisable ‘kit’, such as a toolbox or sewing kit. The pieces are magnetic and can be easily pinned and moved around the board. This allows the user to get hands-on with recognisable items, without having to navigate a puzzle.

8. Aquapaint

The simplest way to create beautiful paintings. Encourage your loved one to sweep a wet paintbrush over the blank canvas to reveal the image. The image will disappear slowly as the canvas dries, leaving it ready to re-use.

9. Scentscapes

Scentscape kits conjure recognisable scenes through sight, smell and sound. For example, the ‘In the Garden’ kit includes scented rose water, a CD of garden noises and a pleasing green scene. Encourage your loved one to reminisce about sunny afternoons spend tending their garden.

10. Memory Box

Especially useful for loved ones living in care homes, the Memory Box is a handy way of displaying familiar items and photos. Some Care Homes mount Memory Boxes outside residents’ rooms, making it easier for them to remember which is theirs.

If you need any help identifying the perfect gift, why not request a brochure, visit our showroom, or get in touch? Linda’s full of expert knowledge, and is always happy to talk things through.

Merry Christmas!

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