August 24, 2018 | Reuben Bush

The day we made a Memory Box…

As September is World Alzheimer’s Month, our minds turned to what items would trigger memories for us in years to come. We all agreed to bring in some pieces and do a show and tell. And my, what wonderful objects we’ve been holding onto over the years.

We’ve popped them all into a Felgains Memory Box, and we think it looks rather nice! Here’s what’s in it…

1. Lottie’s View Finder Films

^ Andrew enjoying Lottie’s View Finder

These circular treasures conceal hidden secrets. Tiny little film windows depict amazing scenes from Winnie the Pooh and Sleeping Beauty. Lottie also brought in the actual View Finder you see them through, and well – we all spent perhaps more time than we should have enjoying the images. Who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh?!

2. Barry’s Presidential Pin Badge

Barry was performing the song “Washington Post” with his orchestra in Ipswich when a gentleman in the crowd shouted “encore!”. This particular concert-goer happened to be from Washington DC. And he appreciated the rendition so much, as soon as he got back home to Washington, he sent Barry and his fellow musicians pin badges as a thank you.

3. Andrew’s Morris Cowley (with added ‘L’ plate…)

Andrew’s photograph of the Morris Cowley reminds him of his eldest brother’s pride and joy. Apparently the Cowley “ran like a dream” and never gave his brother Wilf an ounce of trouble. Although he can’t for the life of him remember who the ‘L’ plates were for, as Wilf had presumably passed his test by then…

4. Sam’s “don’t damage it on pain of death” model lorry

We were very, VERY careful with this particular item. Apparently, our MD Sam used to spend hours upon hours of his teenage years constructing these minute model cars, vans and lorries. This one even has a teeny tiny sand mound and spade! Luckily, nothing was damaged, so no one’s lost their jobs today…

5. Annie’s Childhood Bedtime Story

Topsy and Tim causing trouble at the Jumble Sale is just one of many adventures the duo enjoy. And Finance Manager Annie followed the pair’s antics night after night during her bedtime stories. Ironically, this particular copy was found in a jumble sale itself, but is now a much-loved treasure.

6. Sarah’s Krakow Keepsake

The lid of a little wooden tub that Sarah purchased on her first trip away without her parents… Sarah purchased this little memento in Krakow, Poland, on the second stop of her trip after Berlin. Sarah will always remember the laughs, as well as sobering moments, she shared with friends on their historical tour.

7. Libby’s Sock Darner

^ Libby showing us how to darn socks

Wondering what that round wooden tool is on the shelf? That’s Libby’s sock darner, passed down to her from her grandmother. Apparently, it helps to keep the heel of the sock stretched, so when you darn it, the material doesn’t pucker. Neat, huh?

8. Linda’s Wedding Day Pic

Linda chose to offer a wallet-sized photo of her wedding day that she always has handy. The photo is a gorgeous pic or her and new husband, Mark, with her parents, sister and brother-in law, and her two beloved nieces.

9. Brittany’s Teddy Bear

Brittany can’t really remember a time without her yellow teddy bear, as he was gifted to her when she was just a baby. And unlike other childhood items whose ownership is contested between siblings, Brittany can at least be confident that this particular bear was DEFINITELY hers.

Memory Boxes are a great way to help people living with dementia recall happy memories. They work best when the person chooses the mementos themselves – this way the items are more likely to stay familiar as the dementia progresses. They’re also often used by care homes as visual signposts to remind residents which room is theirs.

You can view full details of the Memory Box here. Or browse other items in our Dementia Care range here.

If you have any questions about how our products can help either yourself, or someone you love, to live with dementia, please do get in touch. You can email us, fill in the form below, or give us a ring on 01473 741 144.



Reuben Bush

Reuben joined the Felgains team in August 2019, bringing with him passion and experience in marketing and design – from a rather different sector. His focus is now on improving each and every touchpoint of our customer experience and building a vast following of raving fans! He loves road cycling, and also happens to have rather a weakness for food – he’s a bona fide chocoholic!

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