Adaptations and care equipment for specialist schools

Felgains supply moving and handling and hygiene care equipment to schools and colleagues for pupils and students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), removing barriers to learning and supporting opportunities to achieve.

Our product range for making modifications for students with disabilities includes ceiling track hoists and shower trolleys for hygiene rooms and we work with teaching and care professionals to make education accessible to all.

  • Experience

    As a family business running for over 40 years, we bring a wealth of experience with us. But we’re not complacent – we’re using that experience to challenge the status quo and shape the future of care.

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    With a culture of hard work and creativity, we’re a team of like-minded people who give 100% commitment to what we do.

  • Service

    Our passion runs deep and we strive to give professional service with a positive, problem-solving culture.

"The VENDLET is fab for pupils and staff. The pupils love it; it offers better positioning for personal care; for staff there is not so much rolling or stretching – both of which movements put strain on the back; personal care is now quicker; the disposable sheets are great; each pupil has their own." Janet Durham, Director of Integrated Services, Osborne School
"We are very pleased with the project and would like to thank you for your efforts during the project to help with its successful completion. The service provided from Felgains was excellent, from pre-construction, through to installation and demonstration. The team at Felgains were very pro-active and took a flexible approach which allowed us to install elements of the hoist, as and when rooms became available during construction. They also provided comprehensive training for the end users who provided very positive feedback." Matt Watling, Kier Construction Project Manager for City College Norwich

Are we the right company for you?

Designing facilities for students with disabilities in compliance with the relevant regulations, including the Building Bulletins 102 and 103 which cover hygiene room provision, requires understanding of the challenges involved in moving and handling students and specialist knowledge in specifying solutions. As you will see from our case studies, we have this expertise to bring to your project, particularly in complex bespoke hoisting systems through from classrooms, swimming pools, gyms and changing rooms.

For architects and contractors working on new-build projects, we can work with you from the outset, combining your expertise in design and structure with our experience to create cutting edge facilities, meeting the needs of students and enhancing your reputation along the way. You can meet the design and installation team here, who, along with technical qualifications, hold enhanced DBS disclosures for safeguarding pupils.

As well as access around the school, we also work with therapists and staff to solve more individual challenges including in changing and therapy. The VENDLET turning system has proved a natural choice in making these tasks easier for the care giver and more dignified for the student, with the ability to gently roll a student for the relevant task or therapy without the need for manual handling.

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