Avero Motion Tilting Seated Care Bath


Key benefits:

  • The vertical-raising, side-entry door provides extremely easy access to and from the bath, whether from a wheelchair, hoist or independent transfer. Entry height is just 490mm.
  • Height adjustment provides a safe working environment for carers.
  • An ergonomic moulded tub allows users with more challenging conditions to recline while being fully immersed for complete safety and comfort.
  • Very spacious internal dimensions provide a more comfortable bathing experience while a high safe working load caters for larger users.
  • The generous 98 litre foot well can be pre-filled and the user is immediately fully immersed when the bath is reclined to the horizontal position.
  • The Avero Motion combines the functionality needed for high dependency bathing with a very stylish appearance.
  • Freestanding design and space under the bath provides all round access including for mobile hoists.

The Avero Motion care bath offers a reclining action and internal moulded seat for supported bathing for those with more complex postural challenges. It also promotes independence for more mobile users with its easy side-entry access, so it is suitable for a wide range of needs.

  • Air spa
  • Aromatherapy
  • Colour spa
  • Music spa
  • WRAS Gantry Shower
  • Autofill
  • Cleaning System
  • Pillow
  • Colour customisation
Technical information

SWL: 210kg/33 stone
Dimensions: 1908mm L x 860mm W
Height adjustment range: 810mm – 1010mm
TMV3 Scheme certified
Warranty: 1 year

Please note the Avero Motion is most suited to new-build projects due to the external dimensions of the bath.