INKOLET Disposable Incontinence Sheet


The INKOLET Disposable Incontinence Sheet provides a very large surface area and high absorbency within a single sheet. By eliminating the need for several sheets to achieve adequate coverage, you increase the comfort for the client and reduce the risk of pressure sores developing.

High absorbency

INKOLET contains fluff pulp and superabsorber (SAP), providing excellent absorbency and reducing odour. Rapid spread of liquid is achieved through fluid channels within the sheet, reducing the risk of leaks.


The surface is made of liquid-absorbent non-woven material and is anti-bacterial treated, providing a soft and dry contact surface for the skin.

The underside is covered with a waterproof polyethylene (PE) film. A seal on all four sides ensures that the PE-underside does not come into contact with the skin.

Ease of care

The large size of INKOLET makes it very suitable for use in conjunction with the VENDLET Patient Turning System, as it reaches beyond the VENDLET side bars.

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Technical information

Size: 90 x 150 cm
Absorbency (Rothwell tested): 3000 ml
Anti-bacterial treated: Yes
Bio-compatible: Yes

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