Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair

Key benefits:

  • Quick, safe and stable operation minimises distress and discomfort for the person who has fallen. Their feet maintain contact with the floor throughout the lifting process.
  • The Raizer can be built around the fallen person removing the need for the user to be able to move onto the device or to be able to sit up on their own.
  • Once assembled, the mechanism lifts in an upright chair position for a very natural and dignified transfer.
  • Ease of assembly and speed of operation allows a fast emergency response – typical operation including assembly is about 3 minutes.
  • A supportive back and seated position enables one-person operation, saving both time and money.
  • No physical effort is required to operate the Raizer, so there is significantly less risk of muscular-skeletal injury to carers.
  • The exceptionally long battery life provides falls response teams and ambulance services with a reliable solution that will last several shifts. In addition, the Raizer can be charged inside any vehicle.
  • The Raizer is lightweight and very easy to transport.

Here at Poole Lifeline we have been using the Raizer chair since April 2016 and have brilliant results. Purchasing the equipment enabled us to adapt and change our procedures which gave us the opportunity to introduce an assisted lifting service. The staff say the equipment is versatile and easy to use. Andrea Barnes, Borough Operations Centre Supervisor

The world’s first truly single-handed care solution for lifting a person who has fallen.

The Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair is a faster, safer and more stable solution for transferring someone who has fallen to a sitting or standing position than traditional inflatable lifting cushions.

  • Transport trolley
  • Remote control
  • Disposable seat covers
Technical information
  • SWL: 150kg/24 stone
  • Seat dimensions: W470mm x D220mm
  • No. of lifts on full battery: 100
  • Total Weight: 13kg
  • Warranty: 1 year

Can the Raizer be used outside?

Yes, the Raizer can be used inside and outside. It’s been tested on grass, gravel and paving slabs as well as all types of indoor floor surfaces like lino, carpet and tiles.

Is it really possible for one person to lift someone who has fallen?

Yes, there is absolutely no manual lifting involved – all that is required is for an assistant to operate the controls to lift the person who has fallen.

How long does the battery last?

On a fully charged battery, the Raizer is capable of up to 100 lifts. A single lift is possible on a 10 minute charge.

Will the Raizer work in spaces where there is no room for a hoist?

Yes, the Raizer requires little more than the footprint of a fallen person for its operation and there’s no need for the turning circle necessary when using a hoist.

Are the different sections simple to distinguish?

The leg sections are clearly colour coded for the left and right sides. Additional labels can be supplied if required.

How high does the Raizer lift a person?

The Raizer can lift someone either to a seated position or to a perching position for very easy transfers once the lift is completed. The lift can also be stopped at any point and reversed if necessary.


I purchased a Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair in the first quarter of 2016 on behalf of Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation NHS Trust. We have used it as required on our Dementia and Functional wards within an older adults’ mental health setting. Anecdotally staff are so pleased with this product. It allows an amazingly fast and dignified response to a fallen patient. Once the usual protocols are followed and the patient is cleared to be stood or sat up, it is so quick and easy to use. Its simple colour coded systems allows for an easy quick assembly, it allows for a much more dignified operation as compared to hoisting, without the complication of choosing and fitting the correct sling. It can be used in small spaces where the hoist is difficult to access. With its remote control option, the number of staff needed can be reduced to one with an individual risk assessment, though we recommend two for our staff as there is a need to support the head and a two person assist makes for a more patient centred operation. An amazing product empowering staff to act with confidence, which transfers to patient confidence and reducing anxiety. Having the bonus of stopping at any stage to allow patients to harmonize themselves to their surroundings or stay sitting whilst extra observations can be ascertained is advantageous for all. Once stabilised the patient can be raised into a perching position for easy exit and mobilised to a suitable alternative seating or bed space. Absolutely brilliant, as it can be used in physiotherapy to lower a patient to the floor on a mat for rehabilitation. As an ex-engineer I just wish I had designed it!!! Thank you for supplying such an innovative product.

Adrian Marston, Trust Lead for Moving and Handling, DSE and Back Care, Senior Clinical Physiotherapist, Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust

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