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The Raizer Safety Belt slides onto the backrests to provide security and stability when lifting a fallen person.

Key Features

  • Simply slides on and off the Raizer backrest sides
  • Adjust to whatever height you need for the fallen person – no set positions
  • Compatible with Raizer 2 and Raizer M

Product Information

  • The Raizer Safety Belt fits onto the Raizer backrest with a simple slide-on friction fit.

    This means you can have the belt at whatever height you need for the fallen person. If they require support across the Thorax, then the belt can be raised near the top of the backrest. If the belt is purely to give the fallen person a sense of security, the belt can be positioned around the waist. If there are certain medical or temperament considerations, 2 seatbelts can be used simultaneously to hold the fallen person in a secure position as they are lifted.

    The safety belt comes with a large plastic buckle, making it easy to clip and unclip the belt in any position. The strap length is adjustable to account for different size users. Normally the seatbelt will only need to be moderately tight for reassurance but can be pulled tighter if necessary – for stability or when there are certain medical conditions to consider.

    The safety belt parts can either be left on the backrests all the time, or stored in a compartment in the Raizer component bag. Please ensure you slide the belt parts onto the backrests before assembling them around the fallen person, rather than trying to do after the Raizer is already assembled. Always click the belt together before inserting the lifting arms to prevent the risk of entrapment.

    The Raizer Safety Belt is compatible with both the Raizer M and Raizer 2. It comes as standard on all Raizer models, but can be ordered here if you need more than belt or a replacement.

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