LEJRELET Bed Positioning Cushion Support System

Why is positioning important?

Providing stability through effective positioning is crucial to maximising the comfort and well-being of a patient or service user. Patient positioning also plays an important part in healing and prevents against pressure ulcers and skin damage. Care situations where positioning is of particular importance include where a patient:

  • spends long periods in bed;
  • has reduced mobility;
  • has pressure ulcers or is at risk of pressure ulcers;
  • requires personal care tasks to be carried out in bed; or
  • is restless or unstable.

A safer environment for the care giver is also achieved as tasks can be carried out more effectively and efficiently.

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“I have found them to be so useful, especially with people who have neurological problems. I have had so much positive feedback, people have felt a lot safer when they are used. The tubes and pads keep the patients in such safe and comfortable positions. I have had first-hand experience of seeing a man literally open up and relax back into the tube when it was used around him. For palliative patients also, it has given them so much relief. One lady I can recall wouldn’t let anyone take it away from her and it provided her the greatest support and comfort before her passing.” Catherine Watson, Manual Handling / Back Care Advisor at Humber NHS Foundation Trust
‘The LEJRELET Tube is really good actually; it is especially good when used with someone sidelying for pressure relief. It’s very long so we use it down behind the back and between the legs for maximum support. We also use it under the head and underneath the legs when lying supine. Residents have commented on its comfort and how nice it is. It is both soft & supportive and also very easy to use!’ Kristel Damian, Physiotherapist at St Cecilias, Leonard Cheshire Disability

What is good positioning?

Good positioning is stable positioning!

Stability is the key to good patient positioning, providing security and promoting relaxation. It provides better support, creating greater distribution of pressure and relieving pain. The benefits are wide-ranging, including the prevention of neuropathies and constriction of blood vessels.

A good position is ensured by having the patient or service user’s joint in a neutral position, where the joint capsule and ligaments are the least tense. This requires appropriate positioning support equipment.

Achieving good positioning with LEJRELET

LEJRELET provides a simple and efficient method for highly effective patient positioning in bed.

The LEJRELET system makes it easy for caregivers to manage positioning. The size and shape of the cushions provide great flexibility, so a single cushion can be used for several purposes – both individually and in combination with others.

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