Sustainability & Social Value

Committed to carbon reduction to protect the planet

Caring is one of our core values and this extends beyond the people we interact with to the planet we all share. We’re committed to achieving net zero by 2045, by meeting or exceeding Greener NHS targets. Our Carbon Reduction Plan conforms to the requirements of Procurement Policy Note (PPN) 06/21: Taking account of CRPs in the procurement of major government contracts, published in June 2021 and the supporting “Technical standard for the Completion of Carbon Reduction Plans”. 

The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement aims to limit global warming temperatures to well below 2°C, preferably 1.5°C. Our Plan also aligns with IPCC targets, which demonstrates our efforts to support targets set for Greener NHS’s Carbon Footprint Plus.

Switch all company vehicles to electric by 2030
Our key carbon reduction commitments
Switch to renewable gas by 2030
Our key carbon reduction commitments
Switch to renewable energy sources for all energy requirements by 2032
Our key carbon reduction commitments
Send zero waste to landfill by 2032
Our key carbon reduction commitments
Improve energy efficiency by 5% per year e.g. through installation of LED lighting
Our key carbon reduction commitments
Reduce waste generation by 5% per year e.g. through digitalisation of paper processes
Our key carbon reduction commitments
Reduce business travel by air and rail by 5% per year e.g. through video conferencing
Our key carbon reduction commitments
Reduce emissions from employee commuting by 7% per year e.g. through cycle-to-work schemes and installation of EV charging points at our offices
Our key carbon reduction commitments

Committed to giving back to create stronger communities

We’re a second-generation family business and doing things for the greater good has been a central part of our ethos for the 45 years we’ve existed. As per Procurement Policy Note (PPN) 06/20: Taking Account of Social Value in the Award of Central Government Contracts, our areas of focus are:

1. Theme 1: COVID-19 Recovery – Support for people and communities to manage and recover from the impacts of COVID-19

2. Theme 3: Fighting Climate Change – Deliver additional environmental benefits including working towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions

3. Theme 5: Wellbeing – Demonstrate collaboration with users and communities in the co-design and delivery of the contract to support strong integrated communities

Here you’ll find a small selection of charitable causes we’ve been pleased to support.

Supporting Ukraine with Donation of Hospital Beds and Mattresses

Our thoughts are with all the people of Ukraine. Seeing their pain from afar, we were inspired to do what we could to help in some small way and alleviate their suffering.

We were pleased to donate 20 brand new hospital beds, along with a selection of pressure-relieving mattresses and UK/EU power adaptors. 


Read the full story on our blog


Proud to be a Smarrt Supporter

The Rapid Relief Team delivers hope and relief to people across the globe. Whether it be fire, flood or humanitarian need, RRT expands their support services to meet the crisis at hand. A regular donor, we especially admire the charity’s support for emergency services personnel. Every day, we see NHS staff going above and beyond to provide the best care, so this is our way of saying thank you. Many of our team volunteer at RRT events, so you may also see us flipping burgers! 

RRT Smarrt Supporter Logo

RRT meal for emergency services

Furthering education and building brighter futures for young people

The Grace Trust purposes include supporting education for young people, the furtherance of the Gospel, poverty and disaster relief and aiding the ill, elderly and infirm. On the right are just a handful of the hundreds of charities we’ve been pleased to support through The Grace Trust. 

The Grace Trust Logo


Charity Logos