Ceiling Hoists

The beauty of overhead ceiling tracking hoist systems lies in their ability to be configured and customised to meet individual needs. There are several factors to be balanced when choosing the right one.

What should I consider when choosing a hoist?

  • Type of transfer – what other care equipment is involved? Is a multi-room layout required?
  • User – what is the weight, size and mobility of the user?
  • Environment – is the hoist for a single- or multi-user usage?
  • Installation and property type – will the hoist be fixed to the wall or ceiling? What ceiling height is required?

This is where experience matters. Over 40 years, we’ve installed literally thousands of overhead hoists and each and every one is bespoke. You can be confident we will specify the right solution, whether it’s a single track system in a private home or a large, multi-room new-build project.