Raizer Emergency Lifting Chairs

The Raizer is an emergency lifting chair that is assembled around a fallen person to lift them up from the floor after they have had an uninjured fall. When responding to a fall, you can use the Raizer chair to lift a fallen person from the floor quickly, safely and with minimal effort. This removes the need to call an ambulance and wait for a long time on the floor, both improving the quality of care for organisations and giving peace of mind to loved ones.

There are two current models in the Raizer range: the Raizer 2 and Raizer M, which you can view below. If you’re not sure which model is for you, have a read of our comparison article here which runs through the similarities, differences and which is most appropriate for you and your situation.

There is also a range of accessories to help you keep your Raizer clean, tidy and help you get more out of it. You can view the range of accessories here.

The Raizer Chair is enabling ICSs to reduce ambulance callouts to non-injury falls in Care Homes. Click here to read the full Case Study and find out how
HelpFall Post-Fall Decision Support Tool
HelpFall is the digital post-falls decision support and reporting tool that supports care staff to safely assess a person who has fallen, and helps them decide whether to lift or assist them from the floor using safe manual handling techniques and equipment.
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