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The Raizer Headrest slides underneath the fallen person’s back to support their head and neck before, during and after the lift.

Key Features

  • Simply slides under the fallen person – no assembly required
  • Removes the need to hold the fallen person’s head or use a pillow
  • Fits in the standard Raizer carry bag – no extra storage needed
  • Compatible with all Raizer models – Raizer 1, Raizer 2 and Raizer M

Product Information

  • The Raizer Headrest is ergonomically designed to support the fallen person’s head and neck in a comfortable position. The Raizer headrest means that you don’t need to hold the fallen person’s head before, during or after the lift. As a result, you can better concentrate on the task in hand – and you’ll have a free hand to comfort the fallen person as you lift.

    This headrest has been created in response to feedback from our valuable customers. Many customers find the Raizer a lifechanging piece of equipment, but some struggled with supporting the neck whilst lifting the fallen person. The new Raizer Headrest truly solves this problem.

    The Raizer Headrest ensures a more comfortable and dignified experience for the fallen person and removes the risk of the fallen person incurring a neck or head injury before, during or after the lift. It also means that the person carrying out the lift has one less thing to worry about, and they can avoid any unnecessary manual handling.

    The Raizer Headrest’s simple one-piece tough plastic construction means that it is lightweight, strong and easy to wipe clean. And for practicality, the headrest fits into the standard Raizer component carry bag, so no extra storage is needed. It is compatible with all Raizer models – Raizer 1, Raizer 2 and Raizer M.

    This simple addition can make all the difference to the experience of both the fallen person and the person carrying out the lift.

    If buying the Raizer M it is cheaper to buy the package including the headrest – please click here. For all other models, the Raizer Headrest will need to be purchased separately.

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