Welcome to the Raizer & HelpFall Training Hub

On this page, you will learn:

In addition, in the ‘Useful Resources‘ section on this page you will find the following helpful tools:

  • Training Competency Checklist
  • Raizer Lifting Chair User Manual
  • HelpFall QR Code Poster

How to use HelpFall

In this short 5-minute introduction video, you will learn

  • What HelpFall is
  • How HelpFall works
  • What HelpFall can achieve for both you and those in your care

For additional videos and resources for HelpFall, please visit the HelpFall Support & Resources page.

How to use the Raizer Lifting Chair

This video explains what the Raizer Lifting Chair is, how it works, and how to use it to lift a fallen person from the floor.

You can also use this video for cascading training throughout your home.

Useful Resources

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