The Felgains 'Innovators in Care' Series

Welcome to Innovators in Care, the show where we talk to leaders in health and social care about how they are innovating to enable better care.

In each monthly episode we will be diving into the pressing challenges in the NHS and what these innovators are working on now and in the future

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Episode 1 | Amy Hassan


Welcome to Episode 1 of Innovators in Care

In this episode, we sit down with Amy Hassan, Service Lead for the Urgent Community Response Team (UCRT) at Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust and dive into;

  • Learnings from COVID – less red tape means more creativity and progress!
  • Moving away from silo working towards collaborative working
  • Incorporating different leadership styles into the NHS
  • Getting the right people and training is key to the success of projects


Episode 2 | Andy Collen


Welcome to Episode 2 of Innovators in Care

In this episode, we sit down with Andy Collen, Consultant Paramedic for Urgent Care at South East Coast Ambulance Service and dive into;

  • The current pressures on ambulance services
  • Falls aren’t an ambulance problem, they are a societal problem
  • Where we should be going with risk appetite and responding to falls


Episode 3 | Jamie Frayne


Welcome to Episode 3 of Innovators in Care

In this episode, we sit down with Jamie Frayne, Paramedic Ambassador for the Chelmsford West PCN and dive into;

  • How PCNs combine different professions to give a single point of access for patients
  • How COVID has highlighted and accelerated the need for a ‘hospital at home’ approach
  • How Jamie is implementing falls response in PCNs to reduce pressure on the ambulance service

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Episode 4 | Mark McGlade


Welcome to Episode 4 of Innovators in Care

In this episode, we sit down with Mark McGlade, Owner of Home Instead Exeter & East Devon and dive into;

  • Looking at care as an investment – not a cost
  • More joined-up thinking between health and social care
  • Changing perceptions of working in social care

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Episode 5 | Adi Phillips


Welcome to Episode 5 of Innovators in Care

In this episode, we sit down with Adi Phillips, Specialist Falls Prevention Team Lead at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and dive into;

  • Starting the falls prevention journey much sooner
  • Working collaboratively with patients and families for the best outcomes

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Episode 6 | Emma Collins

In this episode, we talk to Emma Collins, National Musculoskeletal Lead at the Scottish Ambulance Service. Emma has a wealth of experience in manual handling, and has been working on an exciting initiative across Scotland to implement a standardised manual handling passport for use in health and social care settings. In this episode, we discuss this passport and look at the differences between manual handling in the community and the Ambulance Service.

  • 00.00: Intro
  • 01.55: Emma’s background and story
  • 03.50: The differences between manual handling in the community, acute and ambulance environments
  • 06.26: What the Scottish Manual Handling Forum is and what it does
  • 09.11: The Scottish Manual Handling Passport Scheme – what it is and what it achieves
  • 21.40: What the National Back Exchange is and Emma’s role on the board
  • 25.43: Carrying moving and handling standards across to the ambulance service
  • 31.56: The biggest impact Emma has had on a service user’s life
  • 35.34: The priorities for change and improvement in moving & handling in the Ambulance Service
  • 41.15: Conclusion

Episode 7 | Simon Love & Sarah Thornton

In this episode, we talk to Simon Love and Sarah Thornton, Chair and Vice Chair of the National Back Exchange respectively. We’re delving in detail into the new ‘Optimised Handling’ approach being worked on by Sarah and Simon, finding out what it is, how it works and the benefits it brings. And we also discuss the NBE and Simon’s 7 years as chair – the challenges, changes and learnings.

• 00.00: Intro
• 01.36: Simon & Sarah’s background and story
• 03.19: The National Back Exchange – NBE
• 05.53: What is ‘Optimised Handling’? How did it come about?
• 10.17: How does it differ from Single Handed Care? Some examples
• 14.21: What is the focus of ‘Optimised Handling’? What are the benefits for stakeholders?
• 18.35: How do people access this? What are you doing to spread the word?
• 23.37: Where do you see ‘Optimised Handling’ in the future?
• 26.09: What stakeholders need to be involved to make this work?
• 28.48: Simon’s 7 years as NBE Chair – challenges, changes, learnings
• 32.35: The biggest impact Simon & Sarah have had on a service user’s life
• 35.23: Conclusion

Episode 8 | Sharon Rindsland

In this episode, we talk to Sharon Rindsland, Moving and Handling Senior Co-Ordinator at East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust. We discuss the innovations that Sharon is implementing, and the role moving & handling has in improving patient flow.

  • 00.00: Intro
  • 01.47: Sharon’s background and story
  • 05.25: The role moving & handling has in improving patient flow
  • 10.28: A solution for patients who fall in hospital grounds
  • 16.23: Improvements in bariatric care
  • 22.25: The effect patient flow has on moving & handling in a hospital
  • 27.09: Justifying expenditure on moving & handling equipment
  • 31.54: Sharon’s priorities if she was in charge of moving & handling at NHS England
  • 36.25: The upcoming NBE conference
  • 38.58: The biggest impact Sharon has had on a service user’s life
  • 42.58: Conclusion

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