Robin Overhead Ceiling Track Hoist

Key benefits:

  • The absence of a spreader bar removes the risk of injury, creates a sense of freedom for the user and allows greater personal interaction between the user and carer.
  • The twin lifting straps naturally adjust to the size of the individual user and provide a more stable lift. The long strap length (2.5m) allows the Robin to be used for some floor level transfers. They also lend themselves well to rehabilitation therapy including gait training.
  • The Robin has a highly versatile tracking system which usually guarantees installation even in challenging room layouts. A gantry track is available where neither ceiling nor wall fixing is feasible.
  • The only overhead ceiling track hoist without a spreader bar!

    The Robin is a brilliantly designed overhead hoist that features two parallel lifting straps instead of traditional metal spreader bar for more comfortable and dignified patient transfers.

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