June 19, 2020

Benefits of good positioning with Physio Peter Maindal | Felgains Friday Training Webinar

There are many situations in which positioning should be an area of great attention – particularly bedridden clients with reduced mobility, those with pressure ulcer risk, clients being washed in bed and restless or unstable clients.

Unfortunately, positioning is often considered to be complicated and as a task best left to experts. This is unfortunate because positioning does not require any specialised training or knowledge.

Watch this webinar from Friday 19th June to see Physiotherapist Peter Maindal, original inventor of the LEJRELET positioning cushions, explain how simple it can be and the far-reaching benefits you can achieve with correct positioning.

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The Speaker: Peter Maindal

Peter is the CEO of the VENDLET group and a professional physiotherapist with extensive expert knowledge in moving, handling and positioning.

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