July 9, 2024 | Terry Smith

Can the TransitFlow Portering Chair be used for outdoor patient transfers?

When talking with portering managers about the TransitFlow Portering Chairs, we’re often asked whether the chair can be used for patient transfers outside the hospital, as well as inside. 

Often, their current chairs are solely designed for indoor use, and when used outside they are damaged more easily. 

Can the TransitFlow be used outdoors?

The standard TransitFlow Portering Chair, with its padded seat and back, is not designed for outdoor use – we recommend it be used indoors only. 

TransitFlow Portering Chair designed to transport patients in a hospital
Standard TransitFlow Portering Chair


The good news is, that we sell an Outdoor version of the TransitFlow Portering Chair, which has been specially designed with a weather-proof plastic seat and back, as well as a hard-wearing coating to all metal parts, meaning it can be used for outdoor transfers. In fact, it’s so hard-wearing that it can be stored outside, should that be necessary. 

TransitFlow Portering Chair – Outdoor Version


Is the TransitFlow Portering Chair – Outdoor available to trial?

Yes, we offer free-of-charge demonstrations and trials of all models of the TransitFlow range, to enable you and your staff to fully test the chair before going ahead with a purchase. 

To arrange a trial or demo, feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of this page, or give us a call on 01473 741144, and we would be happy to arrange this. 



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