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How To Use A Mobile Hoist To Lift A Fallen Person; A Step-By-Step Guide

In this guide, we will take you through the process of lifting a fallen person off the floor safely, using a mobile hoist. This process can typically be safely carried out by two people. 

If you would prefer to watch a video showing this process, the below video is for you!

Always assess whether the fallen person is safe to lift

Before attempting to lift the fallen person, it’s very important to check whether the fallen person has any pain, discomfort, or injuries.  Skipping this step may lead to further injury or complications for the fallen person. 

To thoroughly check a fallen person for injury, we recommend that you use a clinically approved assessment tool such as HelpFall or IStumble

Click here to view HelpFall


When it is clear that the fallen person is safe to lift, we can use the mobile hoist to lift them from the floor. Please ensure you have a hoist and sling suitable for floor retrieval. 


Step One: Prepare for inserting the sling

The first step is to encourage the person to bend both of their knees and roll to their side, to allow the sling to be inserted underneath them. You may need to assist them in doing this. 


Step Two: Insert the sling underneath the fallen person

To insert the sling underneath the fallen person, place the sling around their back like a coat, making sure to line up the centre of the sling with their spine from the top of their head to the base of their spine.

Tuck the sling leg section in and roll up the fabric as far as possible. Encourage the person to roll onto their other side, to allow you to fully unroll the sling. 

You can then place the leg section of the sling under each thigh, ensuring the fabric is not twisted and that the loops are crossed. 


Step Three: Attach the sling to the hoist, and lift the fallen person

Position the hoist around the fallen person, getting as close to them as possible, and lower the hoist to allow you to attach the sling.

Hook the sling’s loops onto the hoist’s hooks to safely attach the sling. 

You can now operate the mobile hoist to lift the fallen person off the floor. It is recommended that you lift the person approximately 3 inches off the floor, then pause to carry out safety checks and ensure the person is comfortable. 


Step Four: Transfer the fallen person to a chair or similar

To transfer the fallen person to a chair, wheelchair, or similar aid, always try to bring the aid to the hoist, rather than pushing the hoist along with a person in it. This minimises risk to both yourself and the person in the hoist. 

Once the person has been safely transferred, unhook the sling from the hoist and take it out from underneath the person.


And that’s it, you have successfully lifted a fallen person from the floor and transferred them to a chair, using a mobile hoist and sling. 

For a guide on how to lift someone using the Raizer 2 Lifting Chair, please click here.



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