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Is HelpFall suitable for Domiciliary Care organisations?

As more and more care homes across the country use HelpFall to enable them to assess and respond to falls, you may be wondering, Who else is HelpFall suitable for?

In this article, we will be addressing HelpFall’s suitability for domiciliary care organisations, looking into how dom care organisations are using HelpFall and the benefits they are seeing as a result. 

How are domiciliary care organisations using HelpFall?

HelpFall is enabling Domiciliary Care organisations to expand their services and upskill their staff to offer de-risked falls response in the community. 

Domiciliary Care staff use HelpFall to assess fallen clients for injury and determine whether they should be lifted from the floor or wait for an ambulance response. 

Below is a link to a project with Ashley Care, a domiciliary care service in Essex, who have implemented HelpFall and the Raizer Lifting Chairs to offer falls response in the community:

How Ashley Care are improving falls outcomes in the community through using HelpFall and Raizer Chairs
Getting Started with Falls Response A Free Guide for Dom Care Agencies Everything you need to get started with implementing falls response as a Domiciliary Care agency.

What results are dom care organisations seeing by implementing HelpFall?

For the service

HelpFall is enabling Domiciliary Care organisations to expand their services and upskill their staff to offer de-risked falls response in the community. 

Without this initiative in place, Dom Care staff could be left with a fallen individual for up to 10 hours, waiting for an ambulance response, impacting their service and negatively affecting the level of care they are able to provide to their clients. 

By using HelpFall to assist with falls response, the disruption falls have on the service can be dramatically reduced, enabling the organisation to improve the level of care they provide to their clients.

“The impact that this project has made on Ashley Care is incredible! We have been able to lift on average, 3 people per week for the last 6 months. This has led to a reduction in hospital admissions, decreased pressure on the ambulance service, and a decrease in disruption to our service.”

Charles Cross, Director, Ashley Care


For the clients

For clients that experience falls, HelpFall ensures that the outcome of their fall is the best it can possibly be.

By guaranteeing the most appropriate response and next steps, HelpFall greatly reduces the risk of the fallen person unnecessarily waiting for an ambulance and experiencing a ‘long lie’, reducing the risk of the client developing further injuries and complications. 

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For the system

Where HelpFall has been implemented, there have been reductions in the number of ambulance callouts to falls, which is freeing up the ambulance service to improve response times to category 1 and 2 callouts and reduce handover delays.

ICBs have also seen a reduction in no-abnormality conveyances. No-abnormality conveyances are unnecessary conveyances to hospital where there are no injuries or complications apparent, typically as a result of an unnecessary ambulance call-out due to a failure to suitably assess a fallen person before calling 999, costing the NHS precious time and money that could be spent on more urgent calls. 



HelpFall is an excellent tool for domiciliary care organisations.

By upskilling staff to offer falls response with the assistance of HelpFall, domiciliary care organisations can;

  1. 1.  Improve outcomes for individuals that fall by enabling fallers to stay in their own homes
  3. 2.  Reduce disruption from falls on their service
  5. 3.  Reduce ambulance callouts to falls, taking the burden of minor and non-injury falls off emergency services
  7. 4.  Improve ambulance response times to category 1 and 2 callouts
  9. 5.  Increase collaboration and engagement between providers and the Integrated Care System, increasing efficiency and reducing pressure on the system



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