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VENDLET Cost Benefit Calculator: What is it? And why should I use it?

In addition to providing many and varied clinical benefits – such as drastically reducing shear & friction and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries – the VENDLET Patient Turning System can also reduce the number of carers required on a care package. By integrating the VENDLET Patient Turning System into client care packages, in most cases, double-handed care packages can be reduced by half. And with the number of older people who will require care expected to rise by 60% in the next 20 years, the VENDLET could help you utilise your resource more effectively.


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What is the VENDLET Cost Benefit Calculator?

The VENDLET Cost Benefit Calculator is a free tool on the Felgains website created to help you calculate the potential savings you could make on your care packages by implementing the VENDLET. The calculator shows you what you will save in the first 12 months, over 5 years, and how many weeks it would take for the capital expenditure to be recovered.


What is the VENDLET?

The VENDLET is an innovative patient turning system that is revolutionising how caregivers carry out in-bed moving & handling tasks for those with limited mobility. At the touch of a button, the VENDLET system allows just one caregiver to reposition a client in bed – with minimal manual handling effort.

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Who is the VENDLET Cost Benefit Calculator for?

The calculator is for Occupational Therapists and Commissioners who are looking to improve the quality of their care provision whilst simultaneously saving money on care packages and making more efficient use of the caregiver resource in their community. Whether you’re looking to develop a business case for funding for a single unit or running a double-up care package review, the VENDLET Cost Benefit Calculator will show you the ROI and savings you can make by implementing the VENDLET system.

However, if you are providing care in care homes, hospitals, or where there are very specific or irregular considerations, we can create a bespoke calculator tailored to your needs. Contact us to find out more.


How does the Calculator work?

By inputting information about your current care package, you can calculate your projected savings. Adjust each slider to select the right inputs for your case.

As you adjust these inputs, the 3 columns below will give you your results;

  • The first column tells you the costs of your current care package without the VENDLET.
  • The second column tells you what your new costs will be with the VENDLET.
  • The third column allows you to select your VENDLET model and then see your projected savings in year 1, over 5 years, and how many weeks the VENDLET takes to pay for itself.

You can then enter your email address to receive a PDF summary of your calculation for you to take away and use for your project!

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Why use the Calculator?

When building a business case for funding, you can include the cost savings that the VENDLET will help you achieve. Why not include the PDF output summary to show the savings you could achieve – or even include a link to the calculator so the commissioners can see the calculations for themselves. This will enable you to show that although the VENDLET system requires some initial outlay, it pays for itself very quickly and is a sound investment.

Now you can use the VENDLET Cost Benefit Calculator with confidence on your next project to make a compelling case for implementing the system, spreading the benefits and savings ever further and wider!


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