April 5, 2019 | Reuben Bush

VENDLET V5S and Bari Patient Turning System Bed Compatibility

Our VENDLET Patient Turning systems are compatible with a wide range of community-style beds.

Here’s a list of the most common models that we can work with (additional bracketry may be required for installation). Please note that in some cases we can fit the VENDLET V5S to a low bed, but the low functionality should then not be used, as the VENDLET motor and side profile sits beneath the bed and there is a possibility of damage if the bed is fully lowered.

If you have a bed in mind that’s not on this list, please get in touch. We’re happy to discuss your requirements and may be able to arrange an assessment.

Drive Casa Med
Drive Casa Med Classic

Drive Casa Med Bariatric

Drive Casa Med Bariatric Profiling Care Bed

Harvest Woburn
NOTE: we would require the bed extension kit

Harvest Woburn Community
NOTE: we would require the bed extension kit

HMS-VILGO Euro 1000

HMS-VILGO Euro 3000 Fortissimo

Invacare Etude Plus

Invacare Medley Ergo

Invacare Octave

Invacare SB755

SIDHIL Bradshaw Bariatric

Bradshaw Bariatric Bed



SIDHIL Solite Laser

SIDHIL Solite Pro


Got questions about the VENDLET Patient Turning System? Fire away.



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