December 7, 2022 | Reuben Bush

Webinar Recording | Demonstrating HelpFall: the new standard in post falls decision making

Mentioned in the recent NHS England guidelines for ‘going further on winter resilience plans’, HelpFall is the digital post-falls decision-making and reporting tool that supports care staff to safely assess a person who has fallen, and helps them decide whether to lift or assist them from the floor using safe manual handling techniques and equipment.

Since we launched HelpFall publicly a few weeks ago, we’ve had a lot of questions, so we ran a webinar to answer all of them and demonstrate the tool! Watch this webinar from Wednesday 7th December as we run a live demonstration of HelpFall in use responding to a fall, and answer these common questions;

  • Why is a post falls decision support tool needed?
  • What is HelpFall?
  • Who is HelpFall for?
  • How will HelpFall help our ICB?
  • How are ICBs using HelpFall to prepare for winter pressures?
  • How do I get HelpFall in my organisation?

This webinar will give you a clear understanding of HelpFall and how you can implement it in your organisation. 


And here are the 2 videos played during the webinar




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