13 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles


Creating a picture with puzzle pieces is known to be a therapeutic activity which helps to activate both sides of the brain.

The Active Minds range of puzzles have been carefully designed to create opportunities for reminiscing and can help to keep minds and muscles stimulated.

These puzzles will evoke happy memories and enjoyable stimulation, as well as a sense of pride once completed.

Designed for mid- to late-stage dementia, the size and shape of each piece, the colours used, and the unique backing-board have all been designed and tested to help people of all abilities to complete the puzzles unassisted.

Images have been carefully chosen to allow for visual impairment, to stimulate memories and conversation, and to give the user a valuable sense of achievement and pride.

The puzzles can be assembled within the frame on a shaded blackboard that is designed to assist and encourage the user. Conversational prompts are included.

Choose from:

    • In the Kitchen
      Depicting a typical 1960s kitchen with a new fridge/freezer.


    • Coastal Path
      Depicting the picturesque seaside village of Robin Hood's Bay, looking over the rolling coastline of North Yorkshire to Ravenscar, on the bay's southern head-land.


  • Orient Express
    Depicting the well-known and iconic steam train, the Orient Express - ideal for train and travel lovers.

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