Care Designs Neckerchief Dribble Bib


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These stylish, medium sized Neckerchief bibs have been designed to be subtle and super soft, giving you a dignified look.

Made from a 100% waterproof, fast absorbing and drying polyester fabric, benefiting from two layers giving total protection to clothes. Machine washable at 40°C as well as being tumble drier proof on a low heat. 

The bib is secured in place with a quick fastening at the back of the neck. 

Width (across shoulders): 340 mm / 13 inches
Length (neck to bottom of garment): 200 mm / 7.8 inches
Neck circumference: 400 – 500 mm / 15.7 – 19.7 inches

Available in three different colours

  • Blue
  • Burgundy
  • Charcoal Black

Please note these are not eligible for VAT Exemption

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