Felgains Stride Concealment Trolley

Maintain safe patient handling in care after death

The Felgains Stride Concealment Trolley provides dignity for deceased patients during transfer from a hospital bed to the mortuary. This mortuary trolley has a modern frame & cover, and a PowerDrive system that allows for dignified transport of deceased patients whilst reducing the manual effort for porters and mortuary staff.

Key Features

  • Electric height adjustment with a dignified removable cover and flushfold siderails for easy lateral transfers
  • Intuitive PowerDrive system for easy manoeuvrability both indoors and outdoors
  • Extra large 200mm castors enable smooth driving, with central braking function
  • Hassle-free charging with retractable cable reel that minimises plug breakages

Product Information

  • Maintain safe patient handling in care after death

    We talk a great deal about safety and dignity in patient handling. Why should we abandon this as soon as a patient passes away? The message NHS Trusts gave us was that mortuary transfer trolleys are no longer fit for purpose. So we acted. 

    The Stride concealment trolley enables 21st-century care after death, with a modern frame & cover, a PowerDrive system that allows for dignified transport of deceased patients and reduced manual effort for porters and mortuary staff.

    The Stride’s PowerDrive system is the most intuitive of its kind, featuring sensors that feel the operator’s input on the push bar and translate this into smooth electric drive support. This PowerDrive system means the operator uses significantly less effort when manoeuvring the trolley – especially important when you consider that most journeys to hospital mortuaries may involve a long journey with slopes, adverse cambers, thresholds and more. 

    Strong construction and heavy-duty bumpers mean this concealment trolley is built for the rigour of portering services, both indoors and outdoors. The stability of the trolley allows for much smoother and more dignified transport of deceased patients. And the flushfold siderails of the trolley platform allow for easy patient transfers from the hospital bed onto the concealment trolley. 

    The concealment frame with a heavy-duty removable vinyl cover is discreet and dignified. The support bars easily lift off so porters can use correct manual handling techniques for lateral transfers. Hooks mounted on both sides of the trolley safely store these removable support bars during patient transfers. 

    The smooth surfaces of the platform, frame and vinyl cover are all easy to clean – essential for infection control and prevention. 

    The Stride Concealment Trolley has a retractable cable reel for hassle-free charging that minimises plug breakages.

    Speak to an expert today about how we can help you improve dignity and reduce moving & handling injuries amongst your porters and mortuary staff.

    Request a free trial of the trolley here to try it to see the difference for yourself in your hospital.

    • Trolley Top Length: 1900mm
    • Height Adjustment: 440 – 810mm

    Sizing Options

    • 590mm W (705mm ext.) – SWL 300kg / 47st
    • 700mm W (815mm ext.) – SWL 300kg / 47st
    • 850mm W (965mm ext.) – SWL 400kg / 63st
    • 1000mm W (1115mm ext.) – SWL 500kg / 78st

    Cover graphics and other customisation options are available, please contact us to find out more


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