Invacare Aviva RX Electric Wheelchair

  • Aviva RX Powerchair
  • Aviva RX Powerchair
  • Aviva RX Powerchair
  • Aviva RX Powerchair
  • Aviva RX Powerchair
  • Aviva RX Powerchair
  • Aviva RX Powerchair

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The Invacare Aviva RX Electric Wheelchair combines an innovative centre of gravity management for optimal weight distribution with superior suspension, delivering unbeatable control, exceptional traction and extreme ride comfort.

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Product Information

  • The Invacare Aviva RX Electric Wheelchair is the first in a new range of powerchairs from Invacare that promise to redefine rear wheel drive electric wheelchair performance. Combining an innovative method of managing centre of gravity for optimal weight distribution with superior suspension, they deliver unbeatable control, exceptional traction and extreme ride comfort.

    The AVIVA RX electric wheelchair has been designed to combat the challenges of everyday modern living, and whether at home, at work, or out and about, you’ll be ready to face what the world throws at you. The AVIVA RX is compact, adjustable and offers the most comfortable ride yet.

    You’ll power up hills, cover bumpy cobbles like they’re a smooth pavement and keep up with the pace of modern life. You’ll see better and be seen, and you can personalise your chair to match your personality.

    The Aviva family

    • RX20 with Standard Seating
    • RX20 with Modulite Seating
    • RX40 with Standard Seating (larger front castors and bigger batteries)
    • RX40 with Modulite Seating (larger front castors and bigger batteries)
    • RX40 HD with Modulite Seating (635mm chassis width, 160 kg/25st maximum user weight)


    What’s special about the Aviva’s base is its patented CTC Suspension. It gives you great control, superior traction and extra comfort. It’s a compact chair that can really go the distance. The suspension can be easily changed between hard and soft to suit you. The technology works a bit like a ball and socket joint, so the base can move in all directions, giving you a smooth drive.

    LiNX® G-TRAC® technology

    The digital gyroscopic technology detects and corrects even the smallest deviation from your intended path, so you’ll go exactly where you want to go without having to tweak the control direction. It’s especially handy if you use any alternative control inputs with your chair.

    Go anywhere, anytime

    Because all four wheels always stay in contact with the ground, you’ll enjoy a smooth and comfortable drive. Going up hills won’t be a struggle – you’ll power up them, safely and effortlessly. You’ll be stable on uneven ground like cobblestones. And there’ll be no squeaking in the springs or chassis thanks to the elastomer dampeners.

    When dark nights set in, you’ll be able to navigate the streets with the powerful AXENDO lighting system. The AXENDO lighting system offers a choice of two road-legal light packages. See and be seen with confidence.

    Slimline design for those tight spaces

    The Aviva RX electric wheelchair is only 560 mm wide, so narrow that indoor spaces will feel that bit bigger. With a tight turning radius, you’ll manoeuvre in office hallways and shopping aisles with ease while feeling safe and secure in your powerchair.

    No compromise on distance

    The AVIVA RX can cater for battery sizes up to a punchy 73.5 Ah giving you an extended power range. This combination is unique in a powerchair – no other powerchair is this compact with such a long driving range. Smaller bases used to be hampered by the distance you could travel on them, not anymore – you can have both!

    In control

    With the full range of LiNX controls, you can tailor the Aviva’s driving performance however you like. The REM400 touch screen remote gives you the options of swipe or tap control, or you can use the joystick or buttons to navigate the menu. Connect to your smart phone, laptop and smart speaker and enjoy mouse mover functionality. Get your driving profiles programmed wirelessly and access diagnostics with the MyLiNX app.

    Express yourself

    Pick from a range of colours for the contoured shrouds, castors and wheel rim inserts. Black comes as standard, but you can also choose from blue, red, silver or purple. If that’s not enough choice for you, you can pick any colour under the rainbow with RAL colours (at an additional cost). The Aviva powerchairs have sleek lines and a modern design, so you can feel confident out and about in your electric wheelchair.

    When your needs change, so can your chair

    To make sure you can always sit comfortably in your chair, quick adjustments can be made to the width, length, suspension, height, centre of gravity and seat position. You can adapt the chair to suit what’s best for you with different battery sizes, motor speeds, wheel sizes and types, fork types, light options and docking stations.

    Three seating systems

    • One-piece: an all-rounder entry level seating system if you don’t need high end postural support. The tension on the backrest can be adjusted to suit you, along with the adjustable arm and legrests.
    • Modulite: a multi-functional, flexible seating system with a complete range of postural solutions. If your situation changes, so can the solution. For example, you can change one seating base for another, with ease.
    • Ultra Low Maxx seating: impressively low seat to floor height of 420mm so you can get under tables and desks. It also makes it easier for you to access wheelchair accessible vehicles.
  • RX40

    Length (without footrests) 830 mm / 32 inches
    Width 560 – 635 mm / 22 – 25 inches
    Seat height 435, 460, 485 mm / 17, 18, 19 inches
    Seat depth 410, 460, 510 mm / 16, 18, 20 inches
    Seat width 380, 430 mm / 15, 17 inches
    Maximum speed 6, 10 & 12.5 km/h
    Batteries 60 Ah, 73.5 Ah
    Maximum range Up to 47 km
    Turning radius 1506 – 2086 mm / 59-82 inches
    Safe working load 160 kg / 25 stone
    Warranty 2 years
    Crash Tested Yes

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