Stride Concealment Trolley


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The Stride Concealment Trolley provides dignity for deceased patients during transfer from a hospital bed to the mortuary. This mortuary trolley has a modern frame & cover that allows for the dignified transport of deceased patients whilst reducing the manual effort for porters and mortuary staff.

Key Features

  • Modern and inconspicuous design prioritises the dignity of patients and families
  • Collapsible frame and cover offer excellent access for porters, reducing risk of manual handling injury and ensuring efficient transfers

Product Information

  • Maintain safe patient handling in care after death

    We talk a great deal about safety and dignity in patient handling. Why should we abandon this as soon as a patient passes away? The message NHS Trusts gave us was that mortuary transfer trolleys are no longer fit for purpose. So we acted. 

    The Stride concealment trolley enables 21st-century care after death, with a modern design & cover that allows for dignified transport of deceased patients and reduced manual effort for porters and mortuary staff.

    Strong but lightweight construction means this concealment trolley is built for the rigour of portering services, both indoors and outdoors. The stability of the trolley allows for much smoother and more dignified transport of deceased patients. The collapsible frame and flush-fold side rails allow for easy patient transfers from the hospital bed onto the concealment trolley. 

    The smooth surfaces of the platform, frame and vinyl cover are all easy to clean – essential for infection control and prevention. 

    Interested in seeing how the Stride Concealment Trolley could help your Trust? The Stride is available to demo or trial – contact our team to get started.

  • Height adjustment 560-860mm
    Wheels Ø 200 mm single rollers
    Fifth wheel Yes
    Expected service life 10 years
    Sizing options: 650mm W (820mm ext.) – SWL 320kg / 50st​
      700mm W (870mm ext.) – SWL 320kg / 50st​

    Please note the specifications above are for the hydraulic model. An electric model is also available which includes other customisation options; please contact us to find out more.

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