TDX SP2 NB Powerchair

The TDX SP2 NB is the ultimate combination of comfortable seating with a compact, stylish, high performance driving base.

Whether effortlessly managing tight indoor environments or confidently performing in challenging, outdoor terrain the TDX SP2 NB is the centre wheel drive that offers the Total Driving experience.

Key Features

Patented SureStep suspension enables negotiation of obstacles and thresholds whilst maintaining a level seat. The addition of the Stability Lock ensures uneven terrain causes no problems to ride comfort or driving control.

Extremely small turning circle

A turning circle diameter of 112cm ensures the TDX SP2 NB is perfect for restricted and busy indoor environments. A true centre wheel drive that can turn on its own axis.

Advanced control system as standard

To compliment the compact dimensions, excellent manoeuvrability and impressive stability over uneven ground the TDX SP2 features the Dynamic Controls DX2 control system as standard. From drive only to high end specialist controls DX2 sets a high standard in drive performance.

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SureStep Suspension

SureStep suspension means all six wheels stay firmly on the ground and the seat stays level, no matter the terrain.

Stability Lock

Features when base and front castors start tipping forward in relation to the rear castors, providing stability and safety. Client control is ensured as the seat is prevented from tipping when climbing up and descending obstacles.

Dahl Docking Station

The TDX SP2 NB can be prepared to fit the small and easy to use docking station enabling simple and safe transportation.

Dynamic DX2 Controls

Dynamic DX2 Controls are available to support a number of additional features such as G-Trac or a range of other special controls.

Fold down backrest

The fold down backrest makes transportation even easier. On versions with a powered recline the backrest folds by quick release of the actuator.

Side rails

Side rails on each side of the chair are mounted to telescopic bars and allow for the individual placement of armrests and accessories.

Sling seat option

Sling seat options enables the seat surface to be easily shaped to suit a customer’s individual posture for optimal comfort and support.

Seat plate settings for width and depth

The 3-piece seat plate covers all possible width and depth settings.

Simple seat tilt option

A basic 20 degree seat option offers low (450 mm) or high (475 mm) seat to ground height settings.


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