Topro Olympos Rollator

From outdoor adventures to a little help around the home. Whatever you’ve got planned for the day ahead, the Topro Olympos is the perfect companion.

Designed to perform in challenging conditions, the Olympos is equipped to take you just about anywhere. But it’s just as comfortable indoors as it is out.

Large wheels are designed for easy manoeuvrability on tough terrain such as cobblestones or dirt roads, but are equally as useful on indoor surfaces such as thick carpets and rugs.

High-quality materials have been specifically chosen for durability and all-weather use. Smooth, clean lines lend a modern, sophisticated aesthetic, as well as making cleaning a doddle.

The interior braking system brakes the rim, rather than the surface of the wheel. This makes it possible to easily to swap your tyres to reflect changes in the season: meaning you’re always prepared, whatever the weather.

And when you’re not using your Olympos, simply pull the seat strap to fold the walker into itself. It still stands upright when folded and takes up hardly any room, making it easy to pop into the car or stow away on a bus, train or plane.