October 25, 2017

Ashcroft Nursing Home, London

Care Environment: Professional Care
Client: Ashcroft Nursing Home
Location: Bromley, London

This case study has been put together to show how the provision of appropriate care equipment can impact dramatically and positively on the running costs of care home facilities.

Many pressures exist today on the care sector, meaning that it is more important than ever before to focus on efficiency for the care home operator. In this instance, Felgains were involved in the supply and installation of four VENDLET V5 turning & repositioning systems in a privately owned care home in Bromley.

Related Facts and Figures
• 1 x Night Staff ‘ordinary’ carer is paid £6.65 per hour on a 12 hour shift.
• This equates to £79.80 per shift.
• Yearly cost is £29127.00 plus NI at 12.8% = £32,855.26
• This means that the total saving in the first year was £12,071.26.
• The saving over 3 years will be £77,781.78.

The graphs below clearly show how the care staff budget has been reduced by the provision of this equipment, meaning that this saving has ultimately turned into increased profit for the company.

Graph Showing Payback over 3 Years

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