August 16, 2018

Helen’s Story: VENDLET Repositioning System

“My name is Helen Fincham I am 23 from Wales and I am a quadriplegic thanks to a rare neurological condition that happened almost two years ago. Since becoming paralysed I unfortunately rely on a lot of help from carers a few times a day. This used to be in the night as well.

“I was doing some digging on the internet and came across this system which attaches to your bed and could turn you. I thought it was going to be out of reach that because I never heard of a system like it before, BUT I found Felgains could make this happen.

“I could not be more pleased with the VENDLET system installed by Scott from Felgains. From the beginning of enquiring about the system and dealing with Scott he has been so helpful and informative, and I have received excellent customer service and care throughout.

“I used to rely on help through the night which was disturbing what little sleep I had, if any because I was waiting for people to open my door and I had no idea what time they would be coming which left me unsettled. This would then roll on to the next day making me so tired and exhausted very quickly. This meant I sometimes missed out on things with friends and family.

“I love the system so much because it has given me so much more control, a better night’s sleep, my independence and some dignity back.

“I now have the freedom to turn myself when I want to get more comfortable with no help and to relieve pressure areas more often to prevent anything from happening.

“It is a really easy system to use and you can position yourself where you want in the bed and it helps my carers as well as they do less manual handling which helps them to save their energy and lessen the risk of something happening to either of us.

“Everyone who’s come across the bed at my home is incredibly impressed with what the VENDLET can do and I am so happy with my purchase I wouldn’t look back.

“Thank you to Scott and Felgains for making a difference in my life that bit better.

“Thanks very much,


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