May 15, 2024

Improving imaging efficiency at the King Edward Memorial Hospital with the ImageFlow


King Edward Memorial Hospital serves the Falklands community with a wide range of medical services, including an Imaging Department used for diagnostics and image-guided treatment and procedures. The existing imaging table was inadequate on its own for handling the department’s demands, leading to patient bottlenecks and extended patient wait times.


Before implementing the ImageFlow, KEMH’s Imaging Department faced several challenges:

  • Frequent repositioning: The manual repositioning of patients and heavy C-arm equipment was labour-intensive and time-consuming.
  • Limited access and mobility: The department struggled with equipment that lacked the necessary flexibility and manoeuvrability, especially in confined spaces.
  • Patient safety and comfort: Ensuring patient safety and comfort during procedures was challenging with the existing equipment.

These challenges resulted in inefficiencies that affected both the staff’s workload and the patients’ experience.


KEMH addressed these challenges by implementing the Felgains ImageFlow Imaging & Fluoroscopy Trolley, a hospital imaging stretcher designed for endoscopy, fluoroscopy, and procedures requiring a C-arm.

Key features of the ImageFlow:

  • Sliding patient platform: Allows 490mm of horizontal movement, minimizing the need to move patients or the C-arm.
  • U-shaped base: Provides 1480mm of lateral C-arm access with no vertical clearance limit, facilitating unrestricted camera movement.
  • Hydraulic & electronic adjustments: Easily adjustable hydraulic backrest and leg rest combined with electronic height adjustment and Trendelenburg functions.
  • Very mobile: The ImageFlow doubles as a patient transport stretcher, which reduces the need for additional patient transfers.
  • High safe working load: The high 320kg SWL is suitable for a broader range of patients, including heavier individuals.
  • Stainless steel frame: Ensures durability and reliability in demanding hospital settings.


Impact and Results

Enhanced efficiency and patient flow

The ImageFlow has significantly streamlined the workflow in KEMH’s Imaging Department. The sliding patient platform and U-shaped base reduced the time and effort required for repositioning, increasing the department’s efficiency and patient flow.

Reduced manual handling risk for staff

The ImageFlow’s sliding mattress platform reduces the need for the staff to manually reposition the patient or C-arm camera, reducing the risk of muscular strain and injury. 

Improved access and mobility

The trolley’s manoeuvrability allowed staff to make better use of limited space, optimizing the department’s efficiency and enabling more flexible use of imaging resources.

Increased patient safety and comfort

Hydraulic adjustments and full-length side rails provided enhanced patient safety and comfort, while also offering easy access for staff during procedures.


Learning and Conclusions

By implementing the ImageFlow Stretcher, King Edward Memorial Hospital has:

  • Empowered staff with more efficient and user-friendly equipment.
  • Improved patient outcomes by reducing wait times and enhancing comfort during procedures.
  • Streamlined their operational workflow, leading to increased overall efficiency in the Imaging Department.


How to implement this in your hospital

Seeing the positive impact of this project at KEMH, how could your hospital benefit from similar improvements?

We can collaborate with you to develop a tailored solution that addresses your specific needs, significantly enhancing efficiency and patient care in your imaging department. From initial project scoping to implementation and monitoring, we are here to support you every step of the way.

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