November 1, 2018

Hounslow’s Linkline Assisted Lifting Service, Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair

Linkline is a telecare service provided by the London Borough of Hounslow.

In August 2018, Linkline introduced the Assisted Lifting Service, equipping their team with Raizer Emergency Lifting Chairs. Here’s James Montgomery, Specialist Housing Manager and pioneer of the Service, talking about how it went.

“Linkline decided to implement a lifting service due to pressures faced by the NHS and extended wait times for ambulances to arrive for non-injury falls. It is also hoped that carrying out an assisted lift swiftly will reduce hospital admissions as a result of someone remaining on the floor for an extended period of time.

“Another reason behind the decision was that another local authority had already implemented a similar service. They had been successful, so we knew the model could work.

“Around 20-30% of calls are for people who have fallen, some of whom are injured and some who aren’t. Since our launch in August 2018, we’ve lifted around 7-8 people per month on average. This has saved over £8,800 in ambulance call outs, as none of the lifted people required further emergency assistance. We’re confident these numbers will only increase as residents become more aware of the service.

“At first the team were apprehensive about carrying out a lift on their own. There were particular worries about invading the fallen patients’ personal space. But our risk assessments made it clear that it was safe, and the team make the clients aware of how they will be lifting them and collect their consent before they begin. There were also concerns about the weight of the equipment, but the trolleys make it easier for the team to get around.

“If I were to give any advice to other local authorities or telecare providers, I would say do lots of preparation before implementation. Consult with your team and speak to commissioners and social services. Set a date to go live so you have a deadline to work towards. Learn from other providers and DON’T be put off about providing an assisted lifting service.”

James Montgomery,

Specialist Housing Manager
Housing, Planning and Communities
London Borough of Hounslow

Learn more about the Linkline service on the London Borough of Hounslow website.

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