January 11, 2019

Team Sam’s story: the VENDLET Patient Turning System

Sam Higgins is 24 years old and lives with his mother at their family home in East Lothian. As a young boy, Sam was diagnosed with an acute form of epilepsy. As he grew, Sam was diagnosed with a variety of additional developmental disorders, including autism and scoliosis. Over the years his mobility continued to decline and he now spends prolonged periods in bed.

Sam’s daily seizures affect his continence, which means his carers need to regularly change his bed sheets. Due to Sam’s size, this was a difficult task for two carers to carry out manually, but for the one carer that Sam’s care package funded during the night, it was impossible. This not only impeded Sam’s dignity and comfort, but also posed a very serious threat to his health. In 2015, Sam developed cellulitis. Luckily, it was detected early.

In 2018, Sam’s family launched a campaign to raise the funds needed for a larger, more comfortable bed and a VENDLET Patient Turning System. With help from their local community, the Higgins family achieved their goal and Felgains were delighted to install Sam’s new bed and VENDLET.

Sam’s family have described the VENDLET as ‘life changing’ technology.

Here’s Coral Thompson, carer and proud ‘Team Sam’ member, describing the impact the VENDLET has had on Sam’s wellbeing.

“Hi, my name’s Coral and I’m one of Sam’s team members. I’m now in my seventh year of working with Sam.

Moving and handling Sam can be very challenging at times, however the VENDLET system has made a massive positive difference to both Sam and his team. It promotes kinder care and dignity and it decreases the chance of infection and pressure-related incidents.

Felgains provided Team Sam with a deluxe model bed giving Sam more room and freedom to move. The VENDLET system was also provided. The VENDLET has made a huge difference in the way we move and position Sam, creating a calmer atmosphere and maintaining Sam’s dignity throughout.

I also work as a nurse in the private sector and think that the VENDLET system could provide a much kinder way of caring for individuals with varying disabilities and age.”

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