Shower Seats and Stools

Shower seats and stools can be a very practical way to offering the user comfort whilst showering. If standing for longer periods of time is becoming a problematic, a shower seat or stool may be able to help you. With a range of products best suited to walk-in showers & wet rooms, our range of shower chairs, seats & stools offer a place to rest while enjoying a shower. We offer a range of mobile shower chairs and stool which are portable and can be easily moved, to make way for other bathroom users. We also provide a range of static shower chairs which are fixed but can be folded away discreetly.

If you do not want the fuss of potentially moving a chair in and out of your shower cubicle, we offer a wall-mounted shower seats with a fold-away function. These come with adjustable legs to ensure stability. However, if you feel this option would be a little too fiddly, we have free-standing and mobile shower chairs.