Access Ramps and Steps

Our Wheelchair ramps and steps can be used to make it easier and quicker to access your home. Our sturdy steps and ramps can be folded, ported or can be fixed in place depending on your preference. We offer a range of heights and high load capacities. Gaining access to thresholds, cars, or anywhere else should not stop you from travelling. That is why getting your ramp or access step right is important to us.

Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Our range of ramps also makes it possible to transport wheeled mobility aids in and out of your home, with minimal modification. Some are portable so that you can access your friends’ and family’s houses, and some are fixed for long-term, single-location use.

Wheelchair Ramps for Cars

There are also disability access ramps available for your car, making it significantly easier to transfer mobility aids from the boot to the ground. Usually, the rule of thumb is, that for every one dimension you go up (either in cm or inches), the ramp needs to extend eight dimensions lengthways. For example, for a 15cm step, you’ll need a 120cm long ramp.

You can always get in touch if you need a bit of extra advice. Our experts are pretty good at providing estimated dimensions based on detailed diagrams or images and can advise you on taking measurements.