Mobility Chairs & Accessories

Mobility chairs and accessories are designed to help with everyday activities, and make them more comfortable, from standing up independently to enjoying a nice cup of coffee in your favourite armchair. With a selection of over chair tables, pressure relief cushions, also rise & recliner chairs available. Riser recliner chairs are electrically powered armchairs. You can use hand-held control pads to raise the height of the legs and tilt the backrest until you are in the most comfortable position, and to raise the chair to help you get up again. They come in a variety of sizes, and you can choose from a huge range of materials to suit your home and personal taste. Some also have a choice of backrest styles (which will change the way the chair feels) and motor actions (which will change the way the chair moves). Fireside chairs have a more traditional look, and offer high, supportive backrests, with a high seat and wooden arms to assist rising. If you need extra padding in the seat, we have got a range of pressure-relief cushions that might do the trick.