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Maintain safe patient handling while:


easier mobilisation


faster discharge


pressure injuries


fall-related injuries

Core features of the MultiFlow Stretcher

Ultra-Low Height

The ultra-low height of just 340mm enables patients to mobilise easily, facilitating faster discharge and improving patient flow, whilst reducing the risk of fall-related injury.

Dual-purpose folding IV poles

The MultiFlow’s IV poles double up as push handles, as well as being able to collapse and fold away for easy patient access and transfer.

Dual Auto-Regression

A first for patient stretchers, the dual auto-regression function reduces the risk of pressure injury caused by long stays in your emergency department.

Centralised braking and 5th-wheel mobility

Centralised braking and 5th-wheel mobility ensure the MultiFlow is easily manoeuvrable in busy emergency departments.

Improving patient flow by enabling easier mobilisation

The ultra-low height of the MultiFlow makes it much easier for your patients to self-mobilise as soon as they are able to, resulting in:
  • A reduction in delayed discharges
  • Improved patient flow in your hospital
  • Better outcomes for your patients

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