Reminiscence Therapy Products & Activities for Dementia

People living with dementia are typically more able to recall things from many years ago than recent memories.

Reminiscence therapy, a discussion of past activities and experiences draws on this strength, giving them a sense of competence by allowing them to provide enjoyment and value for others, rather than just having things done ‘for’ them or ‘to’ them.

There are a variety of activities for using in reminiscence which use tangibly sensory aid to spark memories of the past and encourage positive conversation. It’s also an invaluable tool for carers to get to know their patients and provide person-centred care.

We have carefully selected reminiscence and activity products that have been developed with dementia specialists and have proven to improve mood and well-being.

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‘This is just to say a big thank you for getting the chair to my father so quickly. It has made such a difference to him… He has a big smile on his face when he is in it. I never thought we would get such an improvement at this stage of his Alzheimer’s, but it means the world to see a bit more of Dad still there.’ Mrs Tinkley
‘A big thank you for a superb job with my sister’s chair. I’m pleased to say she is now so much more comfortable and appears to be a lot happier. Once again my thanks to all that were involved.’ Mrs Locker
‘It is now five weeks since we received our riser recliners and they are proving very comfortable. Thank you for all the time and care you gave to making sure we bought the right ones for us.’ Mr and Mrs Smith

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