Safety and Orientation Products for Dementia Patients

Confusion and disorientation are common in people living with dementia.

However, with certain types of dementia, regularly presenting information about a place, person or time can be an effective way to maintain or improve cognitive function. We offer a range of products that can help with this.

People living with dementia may also perceive their surroundings slightly differently than they used to, including a decreased ability to distinguish between similar colours, such as blue and green, or recognise objects of low contrasts. For example, they may not be able to see broccoli, if it’s on a green plate.

On the other hand, there is evidence that using red, a psychologically stimulating colour, can be helpful to emphasise what is important in a room. For example, the location of the toilet can be highlighted by using a red toilet seat.

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‘This is just to say a big thank you for getting the chair to my father so quickly. It has made such a difference to him… He has a big smile on his face when he is in it. I never thought we would get such an improvement at this stage of his Alzheimer’s, but it means the world to see a bit more of Dad still there.’ Mrs Tinkley
‘A big thank you for a superb job with my sister’s chair. I’m pleased to say she is now so much more comfortable and appears to be a lot happier. Once again my thanks to all that were involved.’ Mrs Locker
‘It is now five weeks since we received our riser recliners and they are proving very comfortable. Thank you for all the time and care you gave to making sure we bought the right ones for us.’ Mr and Mrs Smith

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