Patient Handling

Safe patient handling goes beyond care equipment but it’s the right place to start

Our flagship patient handling products include the VENDLET V5S, the patient turning system for single-handed care. The VENDLET turn aid is the world’s first powered patient turning and repositioning system, bringing significant benefits to carers and patients alike and it has quickly become an invaluable part of high quality, efficient care packages for clients throughout the UK. The Raizer emergency lifting chair provides another single-handed care solution, offering real benefits over traditional inflatable lifting cushions for patient lifting and falls response.

Felgains also supplies a wider range of moving and handling equipment for patient lifting and transfer, including ceiling track hoist systems, to support high quality, dignified care.

A key theme running throughout our patient handling product range is the reduction of the manual handling involved for care givers, instead equipping carers with better tools that provide better care and minimise the risks involved.

  • Experience

    As we enter our 40th year in 2017, we bring a wealth of experience with us. But we’re not complacent – we’re using that experience to challenge the status quo and shape the future of care.

  • Focus

    With a culture of hard work and creativity, we’re a team of like-minded people who give 100% commitment to what we do.

  • Service

    Our passion runs deep and we strive to give professional service with a positive, problem-solving culture.

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