MANULET Bed Repositioning Aids

Empowering independence by helping people to help themselves.

For people with reduced strength, moving in bed can be difficult. Manoeuvres such as turning, sitting up from a lying position, and getting their legs into bed can often be impossible to achieve alone.

The MANULET range offers simple solutions that allow users to utilise their own strength. This can grant people who struggle with mobility a greater amount of control over their own lives.

Self-help also reduces the risk of carers developing musculoskeletal injuries through manual moving and handling.

The MANULET Turn Table reduces friction, which makes it much easier to pivot on the mattress. The Multi Grip and Mono Grip anchor to the bed, and provide easy-to-reach ergonomic handles. The user can then pull themselves up to their preferred position.

MANULET aids can be used on their own or in combination with each other.