February 15, 2024 | Natalie Webber

5 cheapest riser recliner chair options

OK, so maybe you like the idea of adding some optional extras to your riser recliner chair but you’re wary you might suddenly add hundreds of pounds to the price?

We all like to see by much how we can spec up a purchase because it’s buys us a better product – and then we have to see whether it ties up with our budget!

And to be totally upfront with you, some riser recliner chair options are expensive. The good news is that there are also some much more affordable add-ons that can give you that little bit more functionality without breaking the bank.

So, what are the 5 cheapest riser recliner chair options?


1. Glides or heavy-duty braked castors


As standard, riser recliner chairs come with rubber feet or small castors. This can be a problem if you have a wooden/solid floor or you need to move your riser recliner chair for cleaning, for example.

If either of these sound like a problem you might encounter, then a small upgrade can fix it:

  • Glides for wooden or solid floors prevent your riser recliner chair sliding

    Price: £27.00 VAT Free

  • Heavy-duty braked castors make your riser recliner chair easier to move when you need to

    Price: £39.00 VAT Free


2. Arm caps


Much like any armchair, the armrests of a riser recliner chair are generally one of the first areas to show signs of wear. That’s why arm caps are one of the popular options to add to a rise and recline armchair. Ashore arm caps fit snugly over the top of the arms and cover the whole of the armrest to protect against fabric wear, spills and stains!

Price: £72.50 VAT Free

(Even better – with our Ashore Simpley Riser Recliner they come FOC!)


3. Extra pocket


All of our domestic Ashore riser recliner chairs come with one side pocket as standard. It’s designed to hold small, lightweight items like a book or two and a TV remote. Often one is just fine but, if you like to keep things organised, or have got a few books on the go, having a side pocket on both sides of your riser recliner chair is handy. Note: please don’t go putting the entirety of your possessions in there!

Price: £22.00 VAT Free


4. Head roll


All Ashore riser recliners are designed to provide good head and neck support but sometimes you want that little bit extra. You can choose between a couple of styles of add-on headrests that can make it more comfortable to have a snooze or help to hold your head in an upright position if needed.

Style 1 Price: £54.00 VAT Free

Style 2 Price: £71.00 VAT Free


5. 5-year care plan

As standard, all Ashore riser recliner chairs come with a 2-year warranty. However, if you view your new riser recliner chair as a long-term investment for your health, it’s well worth looking at an optional 5-year care plan to keep it in tip-top order. Covering stains, structure and accidental damage, it also gives you a Staingard care pack. It’s a great addition to your new chair that gives you added peace of mind.

£119.00 VAT Free



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