28th November 2018

5 simple modifications to help prevent falls

Just over a third of over 65s are expected to experience a fall at least once a year. But falls don’t have to be an inevitable part of ageing. In this blog, we’ve listed 5 few simple measures you can take to help prevent either yourself or a loved one taking a tumble.

1. Commodes

Night time trips to the loo are common culprits for causing falls, particularly if the need to go is urgent. It might not sound like the most attractive option, but if you find yourself rushing to get to the loo during the night, placing a commode somewhere close to where you sleep might be a good idea. Some, like this woven-style model are very discreet. Or, if you don’t mind how it looks, maybe plump for one with extra functionality, like this height-adjustable model.

2. Motion-sensor night lights

If you do tend to be up and about during the night, why not install some motion-sensor night lights? They’re not as invasive as lamps or ceiling lights so are unlikely to wake anyone who’s still sleeping. Plus, because they work by sensor, you won’t have to fumble around for a switch.

3. Grab rails

These handy little fellas are especially helpful in the bathroom, where slippery surfaces can easily cause trips. Place them by the toilet and bath or shower. They’re also useful by the front door. Plus, this dark-coloured model is discreet against exposed brickwork. And speaking of front doors, ramps and half-steps can also be valuable allies in helping you navigate your way into your home.

4. Slippers

We know. Your old ones are ever so comfy. But if they’re loose-fitting, have holes in the soles, or are a bit squashed down around the heel, they could prove your downfall. Your new slippers should be snug, grippy and have a firm fastener. Why not take a peek at our new range? Or, if you can make it to our Ipswich showroom, our fully-trained team can give you a fitting.

5. Walkers and Trolleys

As well as being a handy way of transporting items from one room to another, household trolleys can help keep you stay steady on your feet.

They also make handy makeshift tables – the perfect place to stash your biscuits.

Need some advice? Get in touch with our retail team at customerservices@felgains.com or 01473 741 144. Or why not visit our Ipswich showroom? Between them, Elizabeth, Linda and Natalie have 56 years worth of combined experience. What they don’t know isn’t worth shaking a stick at.


Sarah Colley

Marketing Manager
Sarah joined the Felgains team in December 2017, after gaining valuable and varied experience in the education and leisure sectors. She also tried her hand at being a cowgirl once, in a one-road town called Anaconda in the Rocky Mountains. Only for six weeks, though. The boots didn't suit her. Nowadays, when she's not penning blogs or directing photo shoots, she can usually be found exploring the countryside with her beloved whippet, Louie.

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