April 27, 2023 | Terry Smith

9 Best Exercises To Prevent Falls – With How-To Videos

Does exercise help prevent falls in older people?

Exercising is a proven way of reducing the risk of falls in the elderly. Strength and balance exercises, such as those included in this article, make your muscles stronger and more flexible, reducing the risk of overbalancing and falling and enabling you to be active for longer. 

All 9 of the simple exercises in this article can be completed without the use of specialist equipment.

Please note that these videos are intended to be guides only, and Felgains accepts no responsibility for the results. Always seek medical advice from doctors if you are unsure about exercising, and stop if you’re feeling unwell or in pain. 


9 exercises to help prevent falls in the elderly

  1. 1. Elbow Flex (Bicep Curl)
  2. 2. Trunk Rotation
  3. 3. Shoulder Diagonals
  4. 4. Lumbar Extensions
  5. 5. Shoulder Circles
  6. 6. Elbow Extensions
  7. 7. Ankle Inversions
  8. 8. Hip Marching
  9. 9. Leg Extensions


Exercise 1: Elbow Flex (Bicep Curl)


Exercise 2: Trunk Rotation


Exercise 3: Shoulder Diagonals


Exercise 4: Lumbar Extensions


Exercise 5: Shoulder Circles


Exercise 6: Elbow Extensions


Exercise 7: Ankle Inversions


Exercise 8: Hip Marching


Exercise 9: Leg Extensions



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