January 10, 2023 | Terry Smith

How Much Does the Raizer Lifting Chair Cost? (Updated for 2024)

How much does the Raizer 2 lifting chair cost?

This will always be one of the first questions anyone will ask when researching the Raizer lifting chair or lifting equipment in general.

We’ve answered this question thousands of times over the years, and many folks will raise the question in the first few minutes of our conversations.

We get it.

Price matters. It’s not the only consideration but it’s pretty important, and for many of us it’s something that has a big influence over what products we choose.

At Felgains, we aim to educate every prospective buyer, even if that ultimately leads you towards a different type of lifting equipment. So, in this article, I’ll do my best to outline the actual price of the Raizer chair and explain to you what factors affect the price.

Just the chair on its own

As of September 2023, the UK price for the Raizer 2 Lifting Chair is £3,997 excluding VAT or £4,796.40 including VAT.

It’s good to know that if the Raizer is being bought by a private individual or charity, you can purchase it at the excluding VAT price by simply filling in a VAT exemption form

What is the Raizer 2?

The Raizer is a motorised lifting chair that assembles around a fallen person and lifts them up to a seated or perching position. It is easy to assemble and use for the caregiver, and it is safe, smooth and very reassuring for the fallen person.

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Raizer Lifting Chair in action


As a package with the Raizer trolley

The Raizer trolley is popular with response teams or in areas where there are distances to travel, as it makes getting the Raizer to a fallen person quicker and less strenuous on the responder.

When bought together with the Raizer 2 chair, the total cost is £4,177.44 excluding VAT or £5,012.93 including VAT. 


How much does the Raizer M cost?

The Raizer M is the manual version of the Raizer chair; operated using a crank handle and is recommended for domestic settings.  The UK price for the Raizer M is £1955 excluding VAT or £2346 including VAT.

What is the Raizer M?

The Raizer M is a manually operated lifting chair that assembles around a fallen person and lifts them up to a seated or perching position. It is recommended for domestic settings and low-usage environments.

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Raizer M lifting


What is included as standard with the Raizer chairs?

  • Warranty for one year, or two years if the Raizer is serviced after 12 months
  • Carry bags, which keep the Raizer tidy and compact in storage, and easily transportable when needed


What about training?

Whilst it’s entirely optional whether you choose to have a training session, it is recommended, especially if the Raizer is going to be used in a professional setting such as a care home. We offer two options for training: 

1. Free virtual training, hosted on Microsoft Teams, or if you would prefer you can watch our training video here

2. Face-to-Face Train the Trainer sessions, which cost £225 exc. VAT per session.  These include:

  • Live Raizer demonstration and training at your preferred location
  • Q&A session
  • Competency checklist to assist you in cascading the training to non-attendees
  • Training certification issued to all attendees


What else affects the cost?


Buying a quantity of Raizers for a falls response project:

  • If you’re from the NHS and looking to do a falls response project with Raizer chairs, we will tailor our package and the overall cost to ensure your project achieves the desired outcomes. For example, we can offer implementation and training support, as well as supporting with data gathering and reporting on the success of the project. In this instance, the cost of the Raizer Chairs will likely differ from the costs outlined above, depending on your requirements.

Adding other accessories, such as:

  • The Raizer Headrest, which slides underneath the fallen person’s back to support their head and neck before, during and after the lift.
  • Disposable Seat Covers, which wrap around the Raizer seat unit to protect it from spills and allow you to maintain hygiene.



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