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Stille imagiQ2 vs Famed FLARE Imaging Table | A comparison of the best operating tables with C-arm compatibility

In this article, we compare two of the best operating/imaging tables designed for use with C-arm cameras; the Stille ImagiQ2 and the Famed FLARE. We will be comparing the:

  • Tabletop construction, movements, and size
  • Joystick functions
  • Table base
  • Safe working load
  • And other key areas

The purpose of this article is to compare the two tables as fairly and honestly as we can, and then leave you to decide which table is most suited to the needs of your hospital.

Firstly, what is the Stille imagiQ2 Imaging Table?

The Stille imagiQ2 is a surgical imaging table designed with high translucency that offers total control and freedom of movement during procedures. The True Free Float™ tabletop increases efficiency in the operating room and shortens procedure times.


What is the Famed FLARE Imaging Table?

The Famed FLARE is designed to integrate with a C-arm camera perfectly and has an ultra-thin, fully transparent, floating tabletop made of carbon fibre. Choosing the right table position is easy thanks to the electronic joystick.


Tabletop comparison


The Famed FLARE has a hollow carbon fibre tabletop with a glass finish. The tabletop has a translucency parameter of 0.33 mm Al, which is currently the best in the world, thanks to the innovative TotalClear™ technology from Famed.

Similarly, the imagiQ2’s tabletop is made from hollow carbon, however, it has a matt finish and a translucency parameter of 0.40 mm Al. 


Both imaging tables have free-floating tabletops, meaning that they can be moved in any direction, however, the actual operation is performed differently. 

On the FLARE, the tabletop movements are performed electrically, using the joystick, whereas on the ImagiQ2 the tabletop is moved manually. 

It’s also worth noting that only left-right movements are possible with the imagiQ2 table when it is in a Trendelenburg/reverse-Trendelenburg position.

Length of the imaging field

The length of the imaging field on the FLARE is 1661mm, extendable to 1901mm with an additional extension kit. 

The imagiQ2 has an imaging field length of 1692mm. 


Joystick comparison

Both imaging tables are equipped with a joystick to allow for easy table adjustment. 

On the Famed FLARE, the joystick has preset modes for a zeroed position and for height adjustment – two of the most commonly used functions during and at the end of a surgical procedure. 

Safety features

With the Famed FLARE, both the joystick and remote control have a safety lockout feature, to avoid any accidental knocks or adjustments to the table’s position. Unfortunately, there is no safety lockout on the imagiQ2 table.


Table base comparison

Both tables have a similar-looking design, in that the table base is situated at the far end of the tabletop, allowing for maximum C-arm access. 

The FLARE’s table base is made of pure carbon fibre, which is more resistant to accidental damage from the C-arm and requires fewer procedures during the disinfection.

By comparison, the imagiQ2 has a stainless steel base, which is known to be an excellent material for sterile environments, but has a greater risk of damage from the C-arm.


Technical specs comparison

  Famed FLARE Stille imagiQ2
Safe working load 230kg 225kg (300kg with load upgrade pack)
Height adjustment 76-116 cm 71-109 cm
Lateral tilt adjustment +/- 20° +/- 15°
Trendelenburg/anti-Trendelenburg adjustment +16° -25° +/- 25° (20° with load upgrade pack)
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 220 cm x 64.9 cm x 76-116 cm 234 cm x 77.2 cm x 71-109 cm
Translucent area length 166.1 cm 169.2 cm
Float (longitudinal x lateral) 53 cm x 25 cm 90 cm x 25 cm
Table translucency parameter 0,33 mm Al 0,40 mm Al



I trust this article has given you a clear overview of the two imaging tables from Famed and Stille, and has helped you in your decision-making process.

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