FLARE Imaging Table

The FLARE Operating Table from Famed is designed to work seamlessly with a C-arm camera, featuring an ultra-thin floating top and excellent transparency for imaging. 

Key Features

  • Less radiation with an ultra-thin, fully transparent, floating tabletop made of carbon fibre.
  • Joystick allows the precise movement of the tabletop in any direction.

Product Information

  • The FLARE Operating Table from Famed is designed to work seamlessly with a C-arm camera and is tailored for numerous procedures, including cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, urological surgery, orthopaedic surgery, spine pain therapy, and endoscopic procedures.

    The ergonomic, profiled, and thin TotalClear™ tabletop is completely transparent to X-rays and is made entirely of high-quality carbon fibre. It has been designed to maximally reduce the radiation dose that is passed on to the patient during the procedure. Thanks to this, intraoperative imaging is safer for the patient and staff. 

    Choosing the right table position is easy thanks to a joystick, which allows the precise movement of the tabletop in any direction. 

  • Carbon fibre construction The base, column and tabletop of the Famed FLARE table are made of carbon fibre, which reduces the risk of damage to table components when changing the orientation of the C-arm or the position of the tabletop. The carbon fibre is less vulnerable to damage by crushing or pressure than the standard stainless steel base.
    Large transparency area The tabletop currently has the best on the market parameter for X-ray radiation permeability – 0.33 mm Al (aluminium equivalent). The available imaging area in the extreme longitudinal shift positions is 1661 mm and 650 mm, respectively. The tabletop length is 2200 mm, which allows easy surgery of tall patients.
    Easy C-arm manouvrability The low base, slim and profiled tabletop, absence of metal elements in its construction, high sliding parameters, and comfortable joystick ensure easy cooperation with the C-arm on the length of 1661 mm on the side of the patient’s head and 650 mm on the side of the legs. 
    Joystick controls The joystick allows the precise movement of the tabletop in any direction, as well as the possibility to zero the table position. Accidental movement of the tabletop is eliminated thanks to a double mechanism to activate the joystick function. The joystick can be mounted on the side of the tabletop.
    Profiled base The T-shaped table base has been designed to combine three features essential in the operating room: stability, ergonomics, and ease of disinfection.
    InfiniMove accessory mounting Additional table accessories can be mounted on two long bars on both sides of the tabletop above the column.
    Mattress included The table is equipped with a 40mm thick, anti-static, pressure-relieving mattress. The mattress is resistant to disinfectants and is held in place by a fastening belt system.
    fCharge battery The built-in battery allows you to safely perform treatments without having a permanent power connection, and the large battery capacity allows for less frequent charging.
  • Length 2200 mm
    Width (overall) 649 mm
    Minimum height 760 mm
    Maximum height 1160 mm
    Trendelenburg position 16°
    Reverse-Trendelenburg position 25°
    Maximum load 180/230 kg

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