October 27, 2023 | Terry Smith

What optional extras are available for the MultiFlow stretcher?

The new MultiFlow Low Stretcher from Felgains combines an industry-leading minimum platform height of 340mm with dual auto-regression to bring a new standard of patient safety to your emergency department.

In this article, we will look at all of the options that are available as extras when purchasing the MultiFlow, which enable you to customise the trolley to suit your requirements. 

The MultiFlow stretcher with all optional extras shown


What options are available?

Slimline slide-away basket

Ideal for personal effects, the slide-away basket prevents any personal belongings or documents from getting mislaid or lost. 

Oxygen cylinder holder

The optional oxygen cylinder holder is available in multiple sizes to suit the majority of cylinder sizes. Sizes are available to suit CD, F, HX and ZX bottles.

Dual-purpose footboard

The MultiFlow’s optional footboard doubles up as a monitor support, which easily folds out to provide a sturdy surface. 

2 Mattress Options

We have two mattress options for the MultiFlow to suit the majority of your patients:

  1. 1. High-risk mattress with 150kg safe working load
  2. 2. High-risk mattress with 260kg safe working load


Explore the MultiFlow’s features and options

Fold down push handles

Option: slimline slideaway basket for personal effects or patient notes

Option: Oxygen cylinder holder (Sizes available to suit CD, F, HX and ZX bottles)

Option: Footboard with integrated monitor support

Industry-leading 340mm minimum platform height

Height adjustable and fold down IV poles

Electronically powered dual auto regression

5th wheel for manoeuvrability

4 section profiling mattress platform

Central braking and 5th wheel engagement

Fold flat level siderails for easy transfers



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