Bed Pillows and Wedges

Posture, Positioning and Comfort Aid and Support

Good positioning and posture are vital for good quality sleep. It can also help prevent tissue damage, known as ‘shear’, by preventing users from slowly slipping down the bed.

Our range of positioning aids are robust, high quality, and designed to maximise comfort and correct posture in the home or care environment.

Comfort aids are there to help you putting any accidental or unnecessary stretching or strain on the body while sleeping, or generally lying down.

Helping you Maintain Postural Alignment

Our range of positioning cushions and pillow wedges are there to help you maintain postural alignment while relaxing or sleeping. Not only for the bed, our products can be used to aid your sitting or reclining in a chair. There is no need to put unnecessary strain on your body anymore.

Explore our full range of positioning and comfort aids to find out more.